You can’t manage what you don’t measure ~ Lord Kelvin

Part of what makes this Adaptive Habitat Tool so… well, adaptive, is its ability to function as a data management system for almost any kind of information.

For example…

What if you just seeded your garden and you want to capture the date, time, weather conditions, seeding rates and other information to reference later in the growing season and future years, but you have several gardens, and you keep losing all of those clumsy Garden Journals? … OR

What if you discover a patch of thistles you want to take a picture of the exact spot so you remember to send your goats to before they bloom? … OR

What if you want to map out an accurate monitoring path you’d like to walk each year at specific time so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your Four Ecosystem Processes?…OR

What if you’re a consultant who visits dozens of properties a year and you’re looking for a way to capture, store and present your many observations and insights in an interactive format your clients will love!

All of this and more can be done with your smartphone and one of the following GPS Apps. Simply download an app (for Apple or Android), start capturing relevant data, and import the GPS data files into an appropriate folder within Step 5 of the Adaptive Habitat Tool for Google Earth Pro!

Any pictures, text, waypoints, or paths will be dated and georeferenced automatically so you know exactly when and where you made that critical observation!

We like to say that you can only manage what you can monitor.

But it is also true that you can only monitor what you can manage.

Information overload is just as much of a problem as managing in the dark. These simple tools allow you to capture appropriate amounts of data in relevant formats so that you can start make sure you are moving towards your articulated vision without sacrificing your values!



  • Download a GPS App for your phone. GPS Kit is a GPS app for Apple Smartphones (download here)GPS Essentials is a GPS tool for Android (download it here).
  • Participate in one of our live webinars (which we will announce via email). You’ll have an opportunity here to get your questions directly answered by us. 
  • Join the Verge Permaculture & Friends Facebook Group, found here.


How many times have you read good advice and not followed through? The truth is, the more complicated the challenge, the more we put it off.

If you want somebody to guide you through the process of creating a sustainable future & meaningful life, take action today.

You can go to bed tonight knowing you took the first serious step towards designing the sustainable property of your deams. Don’t wake up tomorrow with the same overwhelm, anxiety and fear.

Stop dealing with the symptoms and know that the root cause is the lack of a process and the lack of accountability. Let’s change that.

Here are two ways we can tackle the problem and solve it:


Stop dealing with the symptoms and know that the root cause is the lack of a process and the lack of accountability. Let’s change that.

The best person to design your land is you… but you don’t have to do it alone!


As engineer and a farmer, with 20 collective years in practice as design consultants and project managers, we combine Rob’s engineering perspective and technical oversight with Takota’s intuitive understanding of the land and organic farming experience to provide a unique point of view that has created incredible value and insight for our clients and our own properties.

We hope that you are well on your way to overcoming the complexity of land design and management and that you are moving towards your vision of a healthy planet, healthy profits and the time to enjoy both.

If our program and tools have helped you to become inspired and empowered to design the sustainable property of your dreams, send us a note, or better yet – send us your design. We’d love to see it!



Rob & Takota

p.s. If you are considering our personal guidance and guaranteed results route, don’t hesitate to schedule a Good Fit call, today.

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