Online PDC Final Design Project – Alvise Doglioni majer


Alvise built the home you will see featured in the video below from the ground up – literally digging his own foundation all the way up to the electrical, plumbing, heating, and roofing. Alvise uses solar panels for electricity and a thermo collector for heating, with a wood boiler and mass heater stove to supplement BTUs. He loves wood carving, forging, milling logs, and working with all manner of tools.

His goals were to increase food production to support him and his family, improve resilience, increase biodiversity, and use his property to inspire friends and community – letting them experience a holistic connection with food, plant medicines and nature.


Final Design Project Cover Page:

Final Design Project Submission:

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Howard OConnor
Howard OConnor (@cre8nmyreality)
1 month ago

Great Presentation!

Anne Curtis
Anne Curtis (@anne-curtis)
3 months ago

Wow I love this presentation!


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