Online PDC Final Design Project – Rebecca Middlebrook


“NOTE: we no longer accept PDF’s for the final design project. All projects must be presented in video format. If you’re unsure how to do this or want more details on design submissions visit the Design Project Info & Guidelines lesson.

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Typically, we choose the property for our students to do their final designs on and all the students in a class will use that same property. This was the case with Rebecca’s project as she was a student in a 2-week in-person PDC we did in the Fall of 2020. Rebecca’s final design project was done for one of Carmen’s neighbors, an elderly woman who’s property wish list was broken down into four themes: Accessibility, food production, intelligent design, and privacy. Rebecca’s submission demonstrates an eye for style and her keen attention to detail. She went above and beyond our expectations for a final design project submission, but we hope you find this example useful as you consider the design of your own final projects!

Final Design Project Submission:

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Howard OConnor
Howard OConnor (@cre8nmyreality)
2 months ago

Wow, great final project. what software did you use to create your presentation?

Heidi Dischinger
Heidi Dischinger (@heidid)
3 months ago



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