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“NOTE: we no longer accept PDF’s for the final design project. All projects must be presented in video format. If you’re unsure how to do this or want more details on design submissions visit the Design Project Info & Guidelines lesson.

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The area of interest for her project is the West side of the property in which she has lived for the past 2 years (renting the basement unit). The property is almost 5 acres, however her project was limited to 1 acre. The main objective was to convert patches of lawn framed by a few trees into a resilient ecosystem that can provide healthy food for humans and habitat for wildlife while being a pleasant and relaxing plot of land to spend meaningful time. The project is intended to be a formative laboratory in which experimenting various permaculture and ecological gardening techniques (keyholes bed, raised bed, guilds, companion planting, herb spirals, rainwater harvesting, etc.) is done with the goal of understanding how elements relate with each other for the creation of a resilient and possibly regenerative ecosystem, while trying to get some yields of various nature in the process.


Final Design Project Cover Page:

Final Design Project Submission:


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