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“NOTE: we no longer accept PDF’s for the final design project. All projects must be presented in video format. If you’re unsure how to do this or want more details on design submissions visit the Design Project Info & Guidelines lesson.

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Geoff currently lives on a 200 acre farm with 7 other people in South Eastern Ontario. They’ve collectively identified the opportunity to turn grassland into a regenerative landscape that can supply jobs and food for the community that runs it, and overall abundance to the ecosystem at large. 30 cows graze the 175 acres that they are not occupying, and the farmers who manage them are willing to work with them to transform the landscape using permaculture principles.

Their intention is to design and implement a small-scale food forest and vegetable garden on 1 of the 200 acres as a proof of concept before expanding to larger scale operations. They hope to fundraise the initial start-up costs using the method Takota used by asking friends and family to buy in with a 110% return on their investment in food produced by the farm over a 5 year period.


Final Design Project Submission:

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Howard OConnor
Howard OConnor (@cre8nmyreality)
1 month ago

Fantastic presentation., love the style you used: aerial photography, overlays, font…very professional.


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