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“NOTE: we no longer accept PDF’s for the final design project. All projects must be presented in video format. If you’re unsure how to do this or want more details on design submissions visit the Design Project Info & Guidelines lesson.

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Under the direction of Steven Schultz, EcoVision’s Permaculture project was called Roofs for Kids, which involved re-purposing a sea container into an energy-efficient goat barn with a living roof and a renewable solar energy system. The goats and roof-top gardens will provide educational opportunity for students with the Green Certificate programs, animal husbandry, and agricultural courses along with a potential dual credit program with Old’s College. The insulated sea container would provide a secure, insulated home for the goats and the garden would provide food and habitat for local pollinators and bees. The edible items from the gardens would provide food for their food’s programs, for their volunteers (who call themselves the Friends of the greenhouse or FOG) and the community. Their project includes a water catchment system, drip irrigation system, and a fence.


Final Design Project Submission – Click to open file:

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