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About this tool…

We are really pleased to offer students enrolled in our Online Permaculture Design course complimentary access to our Contour Map Generator tool until the end of the course.

Please note the following:

  • As Rob discussed in the lesson on Mapping, contour lines are very useful when designing property, and there are many many ways to create them on your base map.
  • The Contour Map Generator is a tool created by Verge (and collaborators) that uses open-source data to generate contour lines for almost anywhere in the world. The tool allows you to choose an area, generate contour lines, view those those contour lines, and export a “kmz” file.
    • The kmz file format can be imported into the software program called Google Earth Pro.  Google Earth Pro is free software designed and developed by Google.
  • We will be going into much, much more detail about what contour lines tell you, and how to use them in your design, particularly in the Water Section. See the course schedule here.
  • Some of you, especially those of you who like software and technology, will find that Google Earth Pro is a fantastic choice for the design and management of your permaculture property.
  • Many of you may prefer to do your design using a different software program (there are many options!) or simply use paper, a pencil, an eraser and perhaps some vellum for creating layers. If that’s the case, the Contour Map Generator will not be as useful to you… but you still may find it useful to view the contour lines that it creates for your property.

Lastly, the permaculture design course is not a course about how to use Google Earth Pro, but we will share some resources with you if you want to dive more into this…

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