Creating Gaia’s Garden – Toby Hemenway’s Last Lectures

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Before Toby Hemenway passed away in 2016, he recorded one final lecture series titled “Creating Gaia’s Garden,” as part of an intended certificate program out of the Permaculture Institute USA, originally founded by Bill Mollison. These lectures went unpublished and unseen, and their location has been unknown for many years…. Until now. Rob has been sitting on these videos for some time now after getting access to them in a trade, and has finally decided to open up their access for YOU to enjoy and benefit from.

In his lifetime, Toby Hemenway was an early and significant proponent within the emerging space of Permaculture. He educated and inspired countless individuals, and his works, including “Gaia’s Garden – A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture” will remain timeless.

Enjoy, Toby Hemenway’s lost and forgotten final lectures.

Please note: As these are only recordings of a live course they do not include credits, credentials, live feedback or any additional resources mentioned.

* Creating Gaia’s Garden – Lesson 1 is available for free – no registration required.

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