Tips and Insights from Miracle Farms

Recently Michelle, Rowan, Naomi and I embarked on a cross-country train trip to attend a family reunion in the eastern townships of Quebec. With a little extra time left over after the [...]

Australian Permaculture Tour – Part II

This is part two of a four part series about two Canadian permaculture enthusiasts and their three month journey exploring, visiting and learning about the what’s going on in the [...]

Zaytuna Farm Yields

 History has shown time and time again that civilizations have risen and fallen based on the quantity and health of their topsoil. Since food is the basis of civilization and topsoil is the basis [...]

The Biodome- Combining aquaculture and gardening is so smart!

The Biodome is a large dome located here at the Folkecenter that combines a hydroponic greenhouse with an aquaculture system. It utilizes an integrated approach to water and nutrient reuse, [...]

Husum Wind Energy Conference

Rob and I attended the Husum Wind Energy Conference on September 18th. The largest wind industry trade show in the world is held every second year in Northern Germany in a small town [...]

A Car Powered by Wind

Here at the Folkecenter there are numerous vehicles running on alternative fuels. Pure Plant Oil (PPO) There is a rape seed refinery here where they have the ability to press and filter rape seed [...]

Off we go to Denmark!

After living and working in Calgary Alberta for the past 4 years in the Oil patch, Rob and I have decided to leave our jobs for a year and explore renewable energy, various eco-sites, alternative [...]