• This was the most impactful course I have ever taken!

    Ian Griebel
    Ian Griebel 2300 acre farm Castor, AB
  • It has been life changing to get all of our thoughts sorted out.

    Jenna & Brett
    Jenna & Brett 2000 acre ranch in Halkirk, AB
  • Now I have an approach to land design that feels productive instead of me spinning my wheels

    Brittany Liska
    Brittany Liska 160 acre homestead in Marriott, SK
  • We feel better now that we've done more planning and design. Google Earth Pro is a powerful design tool and we can really see the potential that we have on our property.

    Megan and Kwesi
    Megan and Kwesi Akesi Farms
  • I struggled with information overload as I trawled through Pinterest, YouTube, permies forum looking for ideas. Verge’s approach is very structured and disciplined and the program really helped me overcome that overwhelm.

    Jocelyn Guided & Guaranteed Program Grad
  • I'm convinced that this program will be a must have for any permaculture landscape designer.

    Antoine Lenique
    Antoine Lenique
  • If you have the time and the means, just do it. If you're working on a project already, it's a strong asset in your toolkit.

    Jay Valencia
    Jay Valencia PintXO Sauce
  • Prior to taking the Adaptive Habitat Program, I was driving my body into the ground trying to keep up with work and responsibilities. The Program reminded me of the importance of self-care, and helped create a cadence of daily exercises that I am motivated to follow.

    Luke Wonneck
    Luke Wonneck Guided & Guaranteed Program Grad
  • The course gave us clarity on what our primary goals were and the easiest way to get started right away. There’s much more planning to do, but we now have confidence in our short to medium term goals. And we also have a process and support to move our plans forward in to the future.

    Sean Davis
    Sean Davis Guided & Guaranteed Program Grad
  • The Self-Study program for land design/use is simply a fantastic well thought out process for identifying the strengths and weaknesses for a property...and then either choosing a better property or designing features of property use that take into account those strengths and weaknesses to the benefit of the property owner. I'm very grateful for Verge Permaculture's contribution to my endeavors!

    Glen Y
    Glen Y Google Review
  • The course helped me to see our land, our team and our goals more holistically. I have a much deeper understanding of what it will take to be good stewards of our property and our vision. Learning what to focus on next has propelled us forward much faster than I thought possible.

    Anaya Lea
    Anaya Lea Guided & Guaranteed Program Grad
  • Although we knew that we had acquired a good property, this course helped to see the incredible value embodied here. Paradoxically, through a focus on the weakest link, the course helped us to activate that value by focusing on one small part of the overall platform. Through this restrained and disciplined approach to design, the overwhelming became manageable. Rob and Takota take a unique approach to design which is proving very effective.

    Audrey Smith
    Audrey Smith Guided & Guaranteed Program Grad
  • Russell and I have a lot of respect for Rob & Takota. We really appreciate the work they do, especially their guidance and encouragement throughout the program. It has been good for our relationship as well as for the farm and the seed company. We still have mountains to climb, but we now have a clearer vision, less friction and better tools and processes helping us work in the same direction and tackle our biggest challenges.

    Rachelle Ternier
    Rachelle Ternier Owner & Operator of Prairie Garden Seeds
  • Before the course, I felt like we were reacting to whatever seemed most important at the time.  Taking the course focused our efforts on the most important items we needed to address and gave us a framework to analyze new decisions and decide where they fit into the overall plan.

    Andrea Roccio Water Harvesting Canada
  • My family moved to 4.5 acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall of 2016, with the hopes of developing as small homestead there. The property had previously been used to raise horses, which had degraded both the soil and what trees remained from a clearing operation several years before we me moved to the location. I chose the program because I had heard Rob interviewed on various permaculture podcasts, and appreciated his approach to design. I am also an engineer, so much of what Rob said on the podcasts made sense to me. I expected to learn design skills from the program—which we certainly did! Rob and Takota developed, taught, and provided several very valuable tools for our use in design. However, the most valuable (and most frustrating) part of the program was identifying our values and goals for the homestead. This was particularly valuable because it helped us realize that we did not have a clear set of goals as a family for the location. It was frustrating because it required a fair amount of personal introspection and communication with family members—never fun for an engineer! During the course I developed a plan for our homestead, and we are implementing aspects of the plan as we have time and resources. In the process we are having to “undo” some of the work we did prior to the course. An additional benefit of the class is now being to identify why things we did earlier often did not work out as expected. I found Rob and Takota extremely helpful, encouraging, and interested in how each student was doing. I particularly enjoyed discussing our weekly assignments with my accountability partners. Overall, I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in property design.

    Nick Marianos
    Nick Marianos Guided & Guaranteed Program Grad

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