Commonly Asked FAQ

I didn’t receive my username and password. How can I login?

When you enrol in an online course or program on our website, we automatically create a user account for you on the website based on the email you provide upon enrolment.

If, for some reason, you do not receive the user account email that is generated by our system you can easily regenerate / resend the user account email by visiting the password reset page and inputting your email.


What do I need (i.e. the technical requirements) in order access / view / stream the E-Course or webinar?

Accessing our E-courses and associated online material is easy. If you’ve played a video on your computer from Youtube or Vimeo before, then you’ve got all you need participate!


  • A desktop or laptop computer
  • An up-to-date internet browser (Internet Explorer 8.0 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above, or Safari 3.0, or Chrome 4.0 or above)
  • Speakers/headphones
  • A broadband internet connection (for a reliable viewing experience at medium quality we recommend a downstream connection speed of at least 400-700 Kbps. You can test your connection speed here)


We use an online platform called Zoom for our live webinars. It is similar to Skype, but simpler. All you need to join (from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android) is to click on a url that we will provide to you on the Student Dashboard.

Don’t have high speed internet? You can also call in via phone, but note that toll rates may apply.

How Long Will I Get Access?

The Self-Study program is a fourteen-day program. You will lose access after that time period, however, you are welcome to re-register at

How many participants will you allow into the Guided & Guaranteed program?

For the Guided & Guaranteed program we will take a maximum of 20 property-units.

I’m having trouble downloading the contour map from

This short video will show you how to download the contour map for the Adaptive Habitat self study program.

I am not receiving your emails, or, they are arriving in my spam. How do I change that?

First, make sure you “whitelist” emails from

Please take less than 2 minutes to follow the steps below to make sure you receive our emails:

1. Please “whitelist” this address and any other email addresses that end in To find out how to whitelist an email address, just Google “how to whitelist” and your email provider (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.).

2. In addition, you might choose to prioritize emails you receive from so that they get directly to your primary inbox. You can do this by either “starring” or “marking as important” the first few emails you receive from us.

3. If you have Gmail or any other email provider that filters emails into inbox, promotions, social, etc., be sure to “drag” any of our emails to your primary inbox. See detailed instructions for doing this below!

Gmail Tabs – How To Deliver In The Primary Inbox

If you’re using Gmail Tabs in your inbox, nearly all Verge Permaculture emails will typically arrive in the Promotions tab by default.

You can adjust Gmail Tabs settings to deliver an email to the primary tab in 2 easy steps.

Two Steps to Deliver in Gmail’s Primary Tab:


Click on our email > drag and drop the email to the Primary Tab:


Click Yes when offered the option to “always deliver” to Primary.

How do I access the Self-Study program?

To register for the Self-Study program, head to and sign up to receive access.

From there, you’ll receive a username and login credentials for this website, and can access the program on the student dashboard – but you have to login first!

Once my course access has expired, can I re-register?


You can re-register an unlimited number of times for the Self-Study Program.

To re-register for the Self-Study program, simply head to and sign up again with your email address to receive access.

Can I use the Contour Map Generator without having to sign up for the Self-Study Program?

At this time, the Contour Map Generator is a feature of our Adaptive Habitat Self-Study program. There is no way to access this tool without registering in the program.

However, we do have plans to create and release Contour Map Generator 2.0 within the next 6 – 12 months. It’ll have numerous additional features and, for a small fee, users will have unlimited access to create and download contour maps.

I love your program and your open-source tools. How can I support this initiative?

We’ve invested a substantial amount of dollars and hours into the development of the Contour Map Generator and the Adaptive Habitat Self-Study Program and other associated tools.

Help us to continue to support this free program and free tools by making a donation:

Alternatively, give us a 5-star review on either of these platforms:

I am in the Self-Study Program, but need support / help. What can I do?

If you’d like customized support, The Adaptive Habitat Guided and Guaranteed Program is a 10-12 week online program that runs ~2 times per year. It is designed to guide you and hand-hold you through the design of your property in a group setting with an engineer and a farmer on your team. We guarantee your results and offer a money-back guarantee as well as an unlimited return policy. Read more here.

If you don’t want / need that much support, Takota Coen offers hourly consulting. You can book a conversation with him here.

We do not provide complimentary technical support for using Google Earth Pro in this free Self-Study program. If you are struggling with importing your map or following the instructions here, take some time to review these Google Earth Outreach Tutorials and/or the Google Earth User Guide. These following videos (available on YouTube) are also quite good:

What is the Guided & Guaranteed Program?

The Guided and Guaranteed program is a 10 – 12 week online program for land owners, with DIY drive and motivation , who want to design their perfect property and are looking for the process, tools, training, and support to bring their dream to life!

Are you ready to stop cobbling your vision together from books, YouTube and guesswork, and instead commit to a proven process, with personal guidance and guaranteed results?


  1. We have skin the game. We’re serious about investing our time and expertise to help you establish a lasting, resilient legacy on your land…and our guarantee is quite simple: if you don’t get results, you get your money back.
  2. This program offers big savings. The price point for the Guided & Guaranteed program is 10% of the cost of our equivalent one-on-one consulting packages.
  3. You’ll get accountability + support over several months. In addition to an organic farmer and an engineer joining your support team, you’ll
    • be connected to an accountability partner,
    • gain a valuable network of like-minded landowners and
    • get ongoing monthly support from Rob & Takota for up to 7 months!
  4. See & experience real life design & implementation in our bonus Field Day. Join us for a private bonus Field Day on Coen Farm, in Alberta, Canada in August. Come meet us in person and see Adaptive Habitat land design come to life.

This actually isn’t just a course in sustainable land design – it’s a program that will give you tools to observe, think about, and relate to your land and your life more effectively.


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