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Javan and I recently chatted with Diego Footer from Creative Destruction on his Voices of Change podcast series, featuring “honest, hard conversations about farming, business, and life with those trying to make a living doing something that they love and dealing with life in the process.” This time, we talked about 6 base principles when it comes to starting a successful business. Have a listen:

An intro by Diego Footer:

When you set out to start a business is there a road map you can follow or a recipe for success?

A set of steps you can take to go from where you are to where you want to be. Simply do them, and success follows.

It’s a nice thought. And that’s about all it, a nice thought. Because when it comes to business there isn’t a roadmap to success, but despite that, we all want the roadmap to success.

Maybe it’s just human nature, the just tell me how to do it approach.
It’s a dangerous approach because no two approaches are the same. There are too many variables at stake to create a recipe. But again, everyone wants the recipe.

As someone once said on a podcast that I did the danger of following a recipe is that you if you buy into the recipe then you become the recipe, a really, really pale copy of what you are trying to emulate.

In life and in business, there are recipes, but recipes rarely lead to success, but also in life there are base principles, universals which recipes are built on.

Today, we aren’t focusing on the recipes, we’re focusing on the base principles when it comes to starting a business. It’s a topic which I will take on with that aforementioned someone, being Javan Bernakevitch, along with our friend Rob Avis.

Javan and Rob have developed a set of 12 base principles of business and join me to talk about the first 6 of those principles.

For more insight, check out the extensive archive of Creative Destruction podcasts here.

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