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 After spending the last five years pouring our energy into our small permaculture site in the city, we are ready to make the leap to a much larger, farm-sized project!

So we are starting to hunt for the right piece of land to purchase.

Here are a few of our preliminary criteria:

  • between 5 – 160 acres
  • topography such as rolling hills or slope (not flat)

Some features that we’d really love:

  • water (such as a spring, creeks, natural ponds or wetlands)
  • forested areas (brush or scrub land)

We are leaning towards raw land (i.e. without any buildings) – having said that, we’d also look at land with buildings (perhaps a small home or a quonset).

Although our ideal would be to stay within 300 kilometers of Calgary, Alberta, we would consider relocating further, depending on what we find.

We suspect that one of the best ways to find this piece of land might be through our network, through people like you! Perhaps you own a piece of property and have been waiting for the right buyer, perhaps you’d like to subdivide to the right neighbor, perhaps you have a friend or relative that has the perfect piece of property for a permaculture transformation.

If that’s the case – please let us know! Send us any suggestions or contacts:

Thanks for your help!

Rob & Michelle

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  • Robin Scholz

    Hi there,

    I have 4 lovely acres in Hillcrest, raw land with a great approach and fenced with water well with great water. It is perched on a ridge with a consistent slope downwards from the top. The meadow was burned out in a forest fire with a ring of trees around this private property. The property looks over Crowsnest Pass and backs on to the castle mountain wilderness. It is on Adanac road. I am going out to property check in a few weeks if you would like to have a look.

    All the best, Robin

  • Brent Bourdeau

    Hi, I have 5 acres in Costa Rica .Ever thought about Doing a land share for several months of the year?

    • Rob Avis

      Nice idea Brent. I will give it some thought!

  • April Reeves

    I live in one of the best growing areas in Alberta. The hills roll around flowing forests and creeks. It’s a virtual grass farm, and directly across from us, a 69 acre fabulous property is for sale!! We’re 40 minutes north of Airdrie, hwy 587, 2.5k east from the highway, Bowden exit. I go to Calgary all the time: easy commute. There was a sign on the property but it’s gone, but still for sale. Price is just under 1M. Worth it. It gets direct sunlight for 3-4 hours longer than mine because of the way it rolls. #1 soil, great house, easy access to the highway, quiet, nice blend of critters, and the best neighbors EVER. Very few to NO GMO crops…. call me 403 224 3893

  • Ashley

    Can you be convinced to stay in Calgary and lead the revolution of reclaiming our older suburbia? I was doorknocking in Acadia and the lots are ginormous! Ripe for renewal!!

  • Ben Shideler
  • Kirsten

    hope you find yr perfect patch, lovely family! I won’t add my suggestions as they’re all down under xx

  • mary mackie

    Check the Delia / Hanna area, we have just moved here and are amazed at the low cost of land

    • Rob Avis

      How much did you pay for land out there?

  • Cornel Yarmoloy

    We live 1 Mile south of Cochrane on 160 acres. It takes 20 minutes to get from our place to Shouldice park in Calgary.

    I have fenced in area about 15 acres in size for a tree farm that occupies about 4 acres of the 15 acres. The fence is critical to keep the deer out. There is plenty of currently hay crop land within the fence with great soil and a dugout that could be used for water.

    We are also contemplating subdividing our property into four 40 acre parcels.

    It may be worth talking with us about options.

  • Lisa Fox

    We have an extra 10 acres here at our farm! 30 minutes to Calgary… Come for a visit! Pond, slope, beautiful views, backing onto 3000 acres of farmland….

  • Farah Bobarah

    Hi all! I am excited for you. We just bought 80 acres out in meath park, Sask for $52,000.The soil is sandy loam, but alot of the land around has a bit more clay than we do. Taxes before building are $350 a yr. It had no services, raw land and a hill, there is a river close by, and land for sale out that way at comparable prices 😉

  • Rob McWilliam

    I am part of a group called Sheep River Commons [have facebook page]looking to create a cohousing/ecovillage-type of community in the Turner Valley area. We don’t own the land, but have our eyes on a 30 acre parcel across the river from the main townsite. No flood danger – very high off the water. Lots of trees, two existing wells. Enough topography for rainwater harvesting, lots of flat grassland to turn into permaculture gardens. Plan is for a cohousing, multi-generational, community of 30 to 36 units, with a big common house that will be ideal to hold seminars and workshops. All designs will be done by the participants. Town is developing a new, green, focus, and so far has been quite positive toward our proposal. Contact me for more info, and a site tour.

    We welcome all inquiries.

  • constance rock

    10 acres-138,000
    on Malcolm Island, BC.

    Great community. No shortage of water here. Many other places for sale.

  • Kathy Lowthian

    I have a farm for sale – it is a 1/4 section with a good size pond/slough that is home to many waterfowl. I have several garden spots with good soil, a forested area, and some land that has been used for pasture that is fenced and has a watering bowl and animal shelters. There is plenty of good water that tests safe. There is a 1560 sq. ft. house that has been totally upgraded in the last 5 years. Energy costs to heat the house and 1500 sq.ft. shop are $67/month. Taxes are low and it is on pavement. Here is the link:

  • Lori Fitzgerald

    I currently rent an apartment in a barn just outside Nanton, AB. My landlords have 36 acres for sale, undeveloped, but has a good well. Utilities are to the property line I think.This portion they are selling privately. I think they are asking $279K or so. (They also have their home, barn, and 70 acres adjacent for sale as well, but is listed with a realtor). The land is located just north of the rodeo grounds, campground and golf course. Mosquito creeks runs to the west across the road. The owners can be contacted at 403-601-5390.

  • ghaiss hajj

    are you interested in having others share it with you, ie, contribute to the downpayment or the mortgage on the land.

  • Caroline

    Hi Rob & Michelle,

    I am also looking for some land. Are you interested in sharing on the purchase of some land and then possibly subdividing. What price range are you looking at??? I have been looking at a parcel, just over 30 acres near Golden, BC. Mostly forested with about 7 acres cleared, that was once planted. If you would be interested in talking further my number is 250.344-7947 or cell 250.272-0148.

    Caroline Green

  • Vince & Louella

    A little bit more about Milden, Sask Golf course. Vince says it has wetlands , natural water course and native prairie greens , Abit of rolling hills, fairly well treed. Here is the owner and his number Dave Fennell he can explain more about it 306 935 2090.And only 5 hours from

  • Vince & Louella

    There is this 9 hole golf course which you could convert it to anything you would like and it is for sale in Milden Sask, beautiful potential for permaculture .Less then a lot in the bigger city.

  • Vince & Louella

    Dinsmore , Sask this little community has so much to offer a permaculture guy like yourselve. Would love to have you? We are not big but our hearts are.

  • Janet Greenhalgh

    I don’t have any land in mind but I will follow you search with interest. I think you’ll find many of your followers would want to be your neighbours!

  • Sarah Johnston

    Hi Rob and Michelle,

    We just bought what you are describing almost exactly – except that it’s an hour NW of Edmonton. We purchased 82 acres (part of a quarter section) at the end of a dead end road. There are 2 parcels left on the quarter that are very reasonably priced (in our opinion), because they are at the end of a dead end road with no utilities. One is a 10 acre parcel, the other is a 64 acre (I think) parcel. There is a pond on the larger one, and what looks like anotehr pond that has been ditched (a small dam would recreate it very quickly). It has been grazed for 40-50 years by the previous owner. The neighbour across the road is a terrific guy who has adopted us, loves his new humanure toilet, and has lived off grid for the past 6 years. The other neighbours (us) are keen on developing permaculture-style, and spent the summer raising chickens, building a wash house, and surveying the land to plan development. We are planning a rocket mass heater workshop next year, a kitchen and picnic shelter for courses, building a tiny house, and building a straw-bale visitor cabin. Want to be our permaculture neighbour?

    If utilities are important to you, then it wouldn’t work. On the other hand, if you can do with solar and wind energy, and not be dependent on the grid, it would be great.

    I believe that for the 10 acre parcel they are asking $69,000, and the 64 acre parcel is $119,000.

    Hope all is well!

    Sarah Johnston


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