Facebook Deleted Our Business Page… Here’s how you can help!

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Dear Friends, Colleagues, Students, Readers,

We have a request for you and it’s captured in this video that was just posted to YouTube. Alternatively, see below if you prefer to read….

On Monday, October 4th, 2021, billions of people around the world had a stunning experience of isolation as Facebook suddenly…vanished.

But when the world’s #1 social media platform came back online six hours later, to the relief of many – the Verge facebook business page was missing. Gone. Deleted. Vanished. And where we’d been racing, full speed ahead, to inform our audience about our upcoming Global Permaculture Summit, suddenly that virtual freeway was cut off and we were hanging in midair like a cartoon character about to realize the existence of gravity.


The question in this breathless moment is – do we have a net?

It is a surreal experience to have a business page with tens of thousands of followers wiped out, with no possibility of reaching out to the Facebook community at large! As the shock passes, our team is working on strategies to recover, but the truth remains: our presence and ability to spread the word will be drastically diminished well beyond the date of our upcoming Global Permaculture Summit, which is approaching in just over one week!

And that’s where we’re asking for your help….

In the end, you can be part of that net for us; your personal recommendations and referrals, real-time or online, can broaden the bandwidth, guide perma-curious attendees to our Summit, and make the difference.

How can you do that? Think back for a moment, if you will, to your own experience with Verge courses and events, and particularly our first Summit this past spring. Remember the impacts they had on your life and perspective. Are you willing to share the excitement of that eye-opening permaculture shift with your network?

Here are just a few possible approaches…your creativity is welcomed!

  • Do you have a Facebook personal page, or permaculture-related business page or group? Please give our Hope Knowledge and a Plan Summit related posts a Like and a Share with a few words of recommendation… We’ve posted them on Michelle’s personal facebook feed as well as our groups. You can also share this blog post.

  • Are you planning to come to the Summit? Please invite your eco-conscious friends, family, and community members through our Facebook Event!

  • Do you have a website or blog, and are you willing to share an announcement of our upcoming Summit (https://vergepermaculture.ca/hope-knowledge-plan-summit) there? Every incoming link to our site, every recommendation, adds to the summit’s credibility in the eyes of Google’s algorithms.

  • If Verge’s offerings have contributed to your home environment, business or career, and you are willing to share your story on your Facebook page, blog, or vlog, tagging or linking to our new Facebook event, or our webpage, we would be delighted to share it, to build your own audience as you build ours.

  • Do you have an email list, or newsletter list? At the bottom of this blog you’ll find swipe copy and a dropbox link with images, thumbnails and a poster for the event. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to share with your network.

With all that said, we would also like to use this experience as a way to help you protect your own Facebook Business pages: FB is tightening enforcement of its so-called safety standards, using artificial intelligence (bots) that can generate arbitrary, mechanistic decisions based on keywords.

First, inform yourself about Facebook’s community guidelines rules; we encourage you to take proactive action with your social media team. 

Second: based on our experience, we can’t urge you strongly enough to diversify your online presence! Find a range of social media platforms that are compatible with your M.O. and your audience and get to know their culture.  Then create profiles there, observe and interact steadily with your followers, offering frequent posts linked to your site, your blog, and your products and/or services. As with investing, the more diversified your presence is, the less one crash will injure you.

Yes, today’s online world appears to be increasingly unstable, unpredictable, and governed by artificial intelligence. But if our permaculture training has taught us anything, it is that we are not passive victims; we build resilience by incorporating our principles not only on an ecological level but also a social one. We can empower ourselves and each other by taking informed and proactive action as a community of change-makers.

We are closing out this request with a huge upfront THANK-YOU. We are so incredibly grateful for the people in our lives and community who continue to prove the real and incomparable value of our social network.

The Team at Verge

Rob, Michelle, Katlin, Mitch, Ben, Phila & Madi



Here’s some swipe copy that may be useful to you. Of course, please feel free to add a personalized touch or testimonial and/or edit however feels most authentic to you.

Paragraph 1 – Ideal for including in social media, websites or newsletters

Global supply chain disruptions and shortages, extreme weather events driven by climate change, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, a divided society…the list goes on, and on, and on…But are you wondering “what can I do to make a real difference, right here, today, for my loved ones, community, and coming generations?” Then you won’t want to miss Verge’s upcoming Hope, Knowledge, and a Plan Global Permaculture Summit.

Join on October 15, 16, and 17 for three free days of inspiration, information, and science-based strategy to transform your life, your property, your community, and the planet! Register for Free: https://vergepermaculture.ca/hope-knowledge-plan-summit

Email – Ideal for including in newsletters

Subject: How Can Permaculture Help You Thrive While Healing the Planet? Free Summit, 10/15-17!

Global strikes and marches for the climate — national and international climate conferences — businesses around the world setting urgent goals for the coming decades. As the impacts of global warming grow undeniable, responses are ramping up around the world…. But are you wondering “what can I do to make a real difference, right here, today, for my loved ones, community, and coming generations?”

Then you won’t want to miss this upcoming Permaculture Summit/Convergence: Hope, Knowledge, and a Plan…. October 15, 16, and 17. Three free days of inspiration, information, and strategies to transform your life, your property, your community, and the planet!

Featuring 16 permaculture experts – both internationally beloved stars and visionary new practitioners – this live online event offers real-world perspectives on the “What Is,” the “Why,” and the “How to” questions that often baffle newcomers….

The event is hosted by my friend/teacher Rob Avis and the faculty of Verge’s internationally-recognized Permaculture Design Certificate program. They will be hosting guest speakers including…

– Graham Bell, creator of a 25-year-old forest garden in Scotland, former editor of Permaculture News, and author of The Permaculture Way: Practical Steps to Create a Self-Sustaining World…

– Rhamis Kent, world renowned specialist in permaculture, environmentalism, and applied Islamic ethics, heading the Neighborly Needs food outreach of Seattle’s Islamic cultural education organization Wasat…

– Mark Krawczyk, permaculture farmer/educator/entrepreneur, founder of Keyline Vermont…

– Andrew Millison, landscape designer and educational film producer traveling internationally to document permaculture-based food and water systems…
And many more!

Whether you’ve been wondering what permaculture is, or whether you’ve learned just enough to want to know more, this is the event to answer your questions and put your feet on the path of regenerative living.

Don’t risk missing this free summit/convergence – sign up and place it on your calendar today! For more information, visit their website: https://vergepermaculture.ca/hope-knowledge-plan-summit

Short Blurb Examples – Ideal for Social Media

Is Permaculture the Solution For Climate Change Impacts? Get Answers that Work. 16 Experts Share How They Create Food Security, Build Community, Resist Natural Disaster, Find Hope, Knowledge & A Plan at Free 3-Day Global Permaculture Summit, 10/15-17. For more information, visit their website: https://vergepermaculture.ca/hope-knowledge-plan-summit

Discover Permaculture Proven Proactive Solutions. Security in Uncertain Times. 16 Experts Tell How Permaculture Principles Support Homesteading & Small Farm Success. Discover Hope, Knowledge & A Plan at Free 3-Day Verge Global Summit, October 10/15-17. Register for Free: https://vergepermaculture.ca/hope-knowledge-plan-summit

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