Joel Salatin is back with 4 new online seminars!

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Joel Salatin Webinars

Attention farmers: Joel is back!


Our friends at Milkwood are hosting a series of live, in-depth, 90 minute online sessions with Joel Salatin where he’ll dive into the nuts and bolts launching your own farm enterprise including: Pastured Eggs, Pastured Chickens, Pastured Pigs and Farm Direct Marketing.

All 4 seminars take place next week – February 22nd and 23rd (Australian EST) – and include a live Q&A, plus a copy of the material that you can keep and re-watch forever. They’re a steal of a deal – only $56 AUD (about $55 CAD) per session. Not to mention…

 You get $5 off each session when you enter our special coupon code: VERGE

If you buy 3 webinars, you get the 4th free!


Sound like the perfect way to get started on your farm dreams in time for spring? Click here to find out more and sign up!

What’s Covered?

In Pastured Eggs, Joel will cover the Polyface egg mobile and x-wing egg production systems from start to finish – from brooding to portable housing to feed to paddock rotation, as well as multi-species integration and dealing with pests and predators.

In Pastured Chickens, Joel will discuss the Polyface approach to producing ethical, ‘beyond organic’ pastured meat chickens on either a small or larger scale. Techniques for brooding to housing to feed to on-farm processing, as well as common slip-ups and mistakes, and how to fix them.

Pastured Pigs will delve into the system Polyface has devised to produce premium-quality humane pork, while regenerating the pasture & forest areas of his farm in the process. Techniques covered include housing, mobile fencing strategies, feed, pig handling and how to give your pigs a super happy life right up until their one bad day.

In Farm Direct Marketing, Joel gets down to Polyface’s extremely successful, ‘radical transparency’ approach to on-farm and direct marketing, which has been the backbone of ensuring their family farm is both regenerative and profitable. Topics covered will include the strategy and setup of their direct-to-consumer metropolitan buying clubs and on-farm shop as well as how they approach the story of their products to inspire and create long-term, committed customers.


Joel Salatin Webinars

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  • Leona Klassen

    We aren’t able to take in the Joel Salatin Webinars, is it possible to buy the DVD’s?

    • Alex Judd

      Hi Leona,
      We were not the organizers of these webinars, it was our friends at Milkwood. I suggest contacting them at Best, Alex


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