Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute Barbados Sets $50K Crowdfunding Goal

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Authors note: Hi! My name is Kenton Zerbin and I started my permaculture journey with Rob Avis and Verge Permaculture almost 4 years ago.  I went from Verge PDC grad, to Australia to Intern with Geoff Lawton, and now I am a Permaculture Teacher opening up a brand new Permaculture Research Institute in Barbados! As a Verge Graduate it is my utmost pleasure to share with you this permaculture campaign and to urge you to pursue the change you want to see in the world. Lets spread Permaculture!

The Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute Barbados (CPRIB) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create its learning centre. This campaign has been designated a “Staff Pick” by the Kickstarter crew.

CPRIB is looking to raise $50,000 (USD) to transform a donated abandoned building and 15 acres of barren land into a fully functioning education and demonstration centre. The money will be used to renovate the building to include an office, kitchen, and a classroom.

When completed, this facility will be used to teach both Barbadians and internationals alike how to create a sustainable living environment of their own. The non-profit will offer permaculture courses, internships, and free lectures and workshops. The institute will also offer a Farmers Market to provide the citizens of Barbados with affordable, locally grown, organic fresh produce.

“Since the majority of food in the country is imported resulting in a higher cost of living, this project will improve the quality of lives for Barbadians by teaching them how to provide for themselves,” said Kenton Zerbin, CPRIB Resident Teacher. Tying together what Kenton is teaching in the classroom, Lorraine Ciarallo, the Resident Site Manager and Site Plan Designer, will demonstrate how to grow an abundance of food sustainably.

Barbados’ model and history of intensive agriculture based on an annual crop of sugarcane has resulted in degraded soil health, negatively impacting farming today. “Soil is like a bank account,” said Zerbin. “You can’t keep making withdrawals and expect it not to eventually collapse. At CPRI, we are teaching people how to create regenerative and efficient systems, for food and community alike. We are building from the soil up.”

The KickStarter campaign reward tiers include a tour of the property, purchasing a classroom chair and having it plaqued with your name, 72-hour PDC design courses, and much more!

The campaign is also being promoted through Twitter and can easily be retweeted. Follow and support this campaign!





Twitter: @CPRIBarbados


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  • Sandy Simmie

    Hi Kenton,
    We are inspired by your work. I took the PDC with Rob in 2010 and
    My family and I are considering future work in Guatemala, Ecuador, or
    Nicaragua with your purpose for Barbados in mind.
    I will be eagerly following your progress. If you provide an address I would like to contribute to your work.

    Stony Plain, Alberta

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