Verge Headquarters Blitz – Volunteers Needed Aug 7

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Hey Folks,

There’s not much better motivation to finish up some projects around our site than have Geoff Lawton call and tell us that he is going to stop in to do some filming.

So needless to say, we’ve decided to accelerate the completion of a few outstanding projects, notably, (i) rebuilding our garden swales and (ii) building a dry-stack retaining wall.

We need some help to get these projects done and are therefore putting a call-out to volunteers for Thursday August 7th.

Here’s what we have to offer each volunteer:

  • Hands-on learning: How to build, level and complete an urban swale & dry-stack retaining wall.
  • Q&A with Rob and Michelle: Pick our brains and get your questions answered while we work alongside each other.
  • See our site: Check out our solar greenhouse, rocket mass heater, rainwater harvesting, food forest, super productive veggie gardens & tons more cool stuff.
  • Food and beverage:  We promise to keep you well fed, well watered and will finish the day with some socializing and beverages.
  • Free Event Ticket: As a thank-you, we will offer each volunteer free entry to the event “Establishing a Food Forest with Geoff Lawton” (worth $75)

Here is what we need:

  • Dedicated volunteers who can start at 9 am and stay until the project is complete on Thursday August 7th.
  • Motivated folks who are physically fit, willing to shovel and/or place rock and can handle a wheelbarrow.

As we are unsure how many folks will be eager to take us up on our offer, and we can only reasonably accept a limited number of volunteers, we’ve created a little application form below. 

If you are willing & available, please fill out the form! We will get back to you right away!

UPDATE JULY 31ST – Thanks folks!! Have more than enough volunteers, so I’ve taken down the form.



Rob & Michelle

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Lauri Pratt
Lauri Pratt
7 years ago

What a Godsend… The past two years I have been driven (its on my mind when I get out of bed, and I fall asleep in front of my computer at night just soaking in all the information I can) to learn about permaculture and when I mention it in casual conversation, I receive blank stares. I’m left wondering what planet am I on where everyone else is so oblivious to amazing knowledge of these abundant natural resources. Twice this week I have connected with a person or organization (you) that has the same driving passion to learn and “DO” something. Thank you so much. I plan on being a serious active student, and hopefully some type of ambassador for this “good news” I am an extremely underemployed single middle aged woman with an MBA. Now that I am an empty nester I am embracing the fact that the sky is the limit and my dreams are only stifled by my ability to dream them. I have relocated to some property where I was raised in my quest to get back to nature and a healthy, homesteading lifestyle. I am confronted with the fact that going organic is very unpopular… Read more »

rob avis
rob avis(@robavis)
7 years ago
Reply to  Lauri Pratt

Thanks for the commend Lauri!

James Haney
James Haney
7 years ago

I’d like to help! But the application form doesn’t show up – just says I need permission and that the form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organization.

James Haney
James Haney
7 years ago

It’s working now – Thanks Michelle!


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