Win Tickets to See All the Biggest Names in Permaculture Under One Roof!

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Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin, Geoff Lawton, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Allan Savory, Paul Wheaton, Toby Hemenway, our very own Rob Avis…

and over 30 more world-renowned authors, speakers, and educators will be under one roof at Permaculture Voices this March…

…and you could win tickets to see it all!


UPDATED: Congratulations to Steffen Bertelsen and Victoria Meyer, who have each won 2 tickets to the conference!

The contest is now closed. Thanks for your interest! You can still sign up below to receive news, resources, and info about future contests.


What is Permaculture Voices?

It’s the world’s largest professional permaculture conference, taking place in Temecula, CA this March 13-16. In other words, four epic days of networking, inspiration and learning from some of permaculture’s greatest pathfinders.

Sound like the perfect place to launch your earth-repair dreams? Then enter to win! Verge is giving away two (more) tickets ($2,000 value). All you have to do is sign-up below!

But don’t wait to sign up, contest closes on Friday, February 14th at 12:00 pm MT.


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*Winner will be announced on the afternoon of Friday, February 14th on our Facebook page and website (we’ll also contact the winner via phone/email).
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  • permaculture design

    He concluded that with the widespread use of conventional agriculture and the mechanisation of
    our food production, 70% of the world’s soils have
    been destroyed and 40% of our water has been contaminated.
    Her passion was her work and she had little energy
    at the end of the day to focus on preparing good food. And then there’s biodynamic farming, which protects the environment itself – it ensures that foreign materials and processes are not
    introduced into a specific geographic region where they may cause problems
    with soil fertility, contamination, or anything else that would affect the long term cultivation of tea in the

  • Caroline Lafontaine

    The best of luck to all of you. I would love to win of course, even if I am thousands of km away. Thank you for the opportunity. Blessings,

  • Sue Trumpfheller

    I would love to win since the event is only 30 miles from home. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Kathy Chenoweth

    I tried to sign up and was blocked. I would love to attend this conference.

  • Deb Scanlan

    Thank you for this opportunity, I am in awe of the presenters

  • Emily Heizer Hall

    Entered to win! Although, it would be more extraordinary for 5-10 beginning farms to attend for free. We need the knowledge, we crave it actually!

  • mashoujiki

    If I am already signed up to the mailing list, am I already entered in the drawing? I tried entering my information again and it gave me an error for using the same e-mail address.

    • Alex Judd

      No, you wouldn’t be entered if you’re signed up to one of our other mailing lists. Other people have had this problem, but they just tried signing up using a different browser and it worked. I suggest trying that. But let us know if you still have trouble.

  • Michael

    See you there!

  • celia

    This sounds like a fantastic event! How does one enter the contest for free tickets?

    • Alex Judd

      Hi Celia, just read this page and you’ll know. All you have to do is sign-up above!

  • Delila Jahn-Thue

    This is a shot at the lottery!

  • Rocky Turel

    This is cool! What a wealth of information this will be.

    Rocky & Christa

  • Laura Duncan

    What a wonderful opportunity! Thanks so much for putting it out there!


  • Pat Kelly

    An opportunity not be missed

  • Mark Gillanders

    You folks are awesome!



  • patty sechi

    What a great opportunity for some lucky, environmentally-minded and dedicated individual!

  • Toni Boot

    Thanks for the chance to win, Rob and Michelle!


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