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Did you emerge from your PDC training filled with excitement and motivation, ready to begin changing the world…and keenly aware of how much more you needed to learn?

Join the crowd! Permaculture is a vast, multidisciplinary body of knowledge and skill. Most of us find that, just as in any profession, we need time to learn and practice – and watch professionals in action – before we confidently fly solo.

We are excited to to support you through that process and are thrilled to offer two different practicum / internship opportunities:


Verge Practicum at Groundswell

Join a small, select group of students as we build earth works, water harvesting features, a food forest, a community kitchen, and more at an award-winning eco-facility in beautiful British Columbia over three weekends this Spring.

  • Dates: One weekend in April, May, June
  • Location: Invermere, BC
  • Limited to: 12 participants

For more details, and to apply, visit Verge Practicum at Groundswell.


Verge Permaculture Calgary Internship

Gain intimate knowledge of the permaculture-systems at work at our home and garden.

  • Dates: Beginning March / April 2014 and finish mid October 2014
  • Time commitment: One four hour session per week (currently scheduled for Fridays, 9:00 am -12:00 pm)
  • Location: Our home in East Calgary
  • Limited to: 2 participants
  • Cost: FREE!

For more details, and to apply, visit 2014 Internship.


Lastly, friends of ours have a mixed 20 acre farm just outside of Calgary city limits, and they are also offering an internship opportunity. Get more information here.

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  • Helen Gardiner

    Hi There:

    I’d love to discuss doing either the permaculture internship at your home or on your friend’s farm. Please give me a call when you have a moment. My name is Helen and you can reach me at 403-542-3667. The time commitment you have for you internship would, oddly enough, fit right in to my schedule…and what a lovely way to start Friday morning.


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