Follow Your Small-Farm Dreams – Free Teleclass with Joel Salatin!

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This free teleclass is no longer available.


You’ve Seen the Success Stories of Small Farming Businesses. You’ve Read the Books. But You’re Still Wondering – Could I Make It If I Followed My Dream?

Well, we have answers for you!

Follow Your Small-Farm Dreams

FREE Teleclass with JOEL SALATIN!


Join us on the night of October 9 as sustainable small-farming superstar Joel Salatin reveals his proven plan for successful small agro-preneuring. ***Note: the interview has passed, but we recorded it just for you! Sign up and we’ll send the one hour uproarious interview straight to your inbox.


Hi, Rob and Michelle Avis here!

Believe us, we understand your hesitation…if you follow the headlines, the picture for small organic farms looks pretty scary. It’s enough to make anybody think twice about leaping into sustainable farming!

But you know what? Reality doesn’t necessarily match the network news headlines. In fact, it can be quite different – and Joel Salatin has demonstrated to the world that the dream of a profitable, healthy, sustainable, beyond-organic small farm enterprise is quite achievable … low-stress … and downright pleasant!

That’s why, on October 9, our friend and graduate, sustainable agro-preneur Andrew Bennett interviewed Joel Salatin on the secrets behind his success.

It was all about “How to Make a Living as a Farmer,” and they covered topics like:

  • practical how-to’s, from creative land acquisition to beyond-organic production principles…

  • business principles for farming like an entrepreneur, becoming your own middleman, and marketing to a diverse audience…

  • tips for building a trained cadre of employees and creating a lasting, profitable legacy for your children and grandchildren….

It was a warm-up event before our groundbreaking Salatin Semester…and you’re invited to listen in, free!

What’s the Salatin Semester, you ask?

(Just the easiest, most affordable way to study with Joel Salatin you’ll find from here to OZ…but you’ll hear more about that on the call!)


Didn’t make it on October 9th?

Sign-up anyway! We’ll send you a recording of the uproarious interview –  straight to your inbox! You can listen to it any time at your convenience… but you have to sign up to the teleclass list to receive it!  

If you’re hesitating on the brink of a decision, hungering for definitive guidance and support in building your dream of a  small-farm business, this interview is the sneak-peek gateway to everything you could possibly need: business strategy, farming know-how, crucial networking connections…and all with the high-energy wit and wisdom that make Joel Salatin’s teaching unforgettable!

Not only this: you’ll be getting a real-time taste of Andy’s and Joel’s live teleclasses — a key element of the Salatin Semester webinars. And you’ll be discovering the secret  bonuses – interviews, e-courses, and DVDs – that will only be announced on the call!

But don’t wait to sign up  – NOW is the time to become part of the movement to create food security for your family, community and the world!

Say no more – I’m in!

Rob & Michelle with Joel, March 2013



“Rob & Michelle – I’m proud of your work and your vision. What a delight to see young people like you embrace and then lend your savvy talents to this movement.”

Joel Salatin – Author, Owner/Operator of Poly Face Farms



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  • There are many waste streams that structures need to “dispose of”.
    These are contrasted to perceived needs and beliefs
    in invisble cultural constructs, such as the value of the U.
    No matter where one lives or works it seems like there is always a small patch
    of soil in need of landscaping attention and maintenance.

  • BuckeyeFarm

    When will the forums start?

    • Alex Judd

      Hi there. The forums for the full Online Salatin Semester begin when the course begins – October 23rd. You need to be registered for the course to access the forums – which will be emailed to you upon registration. For more info, visit our course page at .

  • ken heinze

    so sorry I missed this, will there be another?
    would the mp3 be avaialble if i didnt sign on beforehand?

    • Alex Judd

      Hi Ken, there is a recording available. All you have to do is sign up on this page and you will be emailed a link to the recording straight to your inbox!

  • Melissa

    I signed up this morning but never got the link to the recorded show. Please send it.


    • Alex Judd

      Hi Melissa, you’re on our list so it should come to you. I will be resending today to those who say they’ve missed it – look out for it in the next few hours.

  • Sam

    We’ve been waiting for a while now, but haven’t gotten the “What You Need to Know” e-mail with actual instructions/links. Not in our spam folder either 🙁

    • Alex Judd

      Hi Sam, sorry to hear that. According to our mail service, your email address is on our list, so it has been sent to you. Did you receive the email containing the recording the following day? If not, please let us know and we will resend it so you can listen at your convenience.

  • Beth

    I just signed up and got the link, but how do I watch the telecast?

    • Alex Judd

      Hi Beth, if you successfully signed up for the list, you should have received instructions for listening in, and a follow-up email the next day containing the recording. If you got the link to the recording, all you have to do is click on it and make sure your speakers and sound are turned on. You should be able to hear it. (There’s nothing to watch, it’s only an audio recording). Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Brandi Goff

    I am beyond exciting and beside my self with the opportunity to hear from Joel!!! I have a college course tonight so I’ll be hearing the recording because you guys are awesome and offered a recording! CANT WAIT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  • Lisa

    I can’t make the 6pm broadcast, will this be available later as a listen mp3 or such?

    • Michelle Avis

      Lisa, yes this will be available after the fact. Just make sure that you sign up.

  • Phil

    Probably can’t listen live, but this sounds awesome. Looking forward to the recap call. I’ve seen Joel several times live and read his books. Amazing stuff!! Interesting in your Salatin semester!

  • April

    I read his book “Folks, This Ain’t Normal” and loved it! Look forward to the talk 🙂

  • NancyDawn

    Looking forward to this! I may not be able to catch it tonight. Thanks ahead of time for the link so I can listen to it on my schedule.
    Thanks for sharing this. Reading some of Joel’s books and look forward to learning more about his methods.
    By the way, because you offered this I have signed up for Permaculture in the City!
    I look forward to getting to know you!

  • Lynda

    Have had the pleasure of attending several of Mr.Salatin’s lectures… twice in Chico and once in Petaluma. I’m looking forward to this “class”.

  • narf7

    Can’t wait! :)As penniless student hippy horticulturalists we couldn’t make it to any of Joel’s amazing talks (especially at Milkwood)when he came to Australia recently. We can’t wait to hear this teleclass and at least bask in a little of what this amazing man has to share. Cheers SO much for giving us all this opportunity you guys are amazing 🙂

  • MILA

    Looking forward!

    A “tele class” is something that happens over the phone. Just want to confirm that this a web broadcast and I didn’t miss something. Thanks!

    • Alex Judd

      Good question: you can access the class by phone or online… It’s called a teleclass because Joel will be calling in for the interview via phone. All details will be sent to you when you sign up!

  • Jim

    haven’t been able to get the link to work to sign up for the class, tried the url shown in previous post also


    no luck

    • Michelle Avis

      Not sure why that’s not working for you. Here’s the link:

    • Michelle Avis

      Jim – if you still can’t get it to open for you, send us an email to We can add you ourselves.

      • Jim

        I tried it again the next day and it worked fine, just a glitch I guess. thanks, looking forward to the class

      • Lisa

        I still cannot access. Please sign me up. The email address above is not valid?

        • Rob Avis

          You’ve been added!

  • Katy

    Yes, please!! Looking forward to it 🙂

  • Amy

    What time is the interview Eastern Time? Thanks!

  • Shannon

    Definitely looking forward to this! I need some help and direction to start up our small egg/meat bird/goat operation. Love Joel, love you guys- can’t wait!

  • Hal

    I would love to sign up for the download, but I’m in the country with a limited data plan. Do you have any idea how big the file will be?

    • Alex Judd

      Hi Hal. To participate in the call, you can call from home or get StartMeeting on a computer. However, if you just want the recording, you will be emailed a link that you can listen to online (so there is no file to download).

  • sandy

    Hi, I can’t open your ‘sign me up’ website – please can you sign me up.

    • Alex Judd

      Hi Sandy, not sure what the problem is. Please try signign up at this link, and let us know if that doesn’t work for you: .

  • Ty Thompson

    Looking forward to it!

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