Bringing Joel Salatin to Your Living Room? What You Need to Know About Our Livestream Event

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The livestream dream of broadcasting Joel Salatin’s workshops globally launched us into a new technological frontier – simplifying things on the one hand (our friends in Australia can attend Joel’s workshops from their living room!), but adding limitless possibilities on the other.

So in order to make the most of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to broadcast Joel around the world, we broke it down into two options: the bare bones basic (at 50% off) and the techno-glitzy premium livestream. While the premium livestream version gives you the works, the basic is the perfect option for farmers-to-be on a budget – you can attend Joel’s courses online without any bells and whistles for half the price! Read on for the nuts and bolts of our livestream offerings… plus find out how you can sign up for a little warm-up gift – exclusive advice from Joel himself to pique your curiosity in joining our livestream sessions! 



First, Let’s Talk About Cost

 If your mouse-finger has been itching to click the Register button – but you just haven’t found the final compelling reason yet, we’re willing to bet you’re asking some variation on this question:

“What does it cost? And what is a live-stream course worth to me – really?”

You know as well as we do that live-streaming workshops can range from being lively, interactive virtual classes to being bare-minimal broadcasts of a disembodied talking head, droning on for hours…

So, you’re probably asking, “Which sort is this one? It’s a first attempt for these folks, there’s sure to be a learning curve…and really good live-streaming runs into bucko bucks…how good can it be?… And if they go all out, what are they going to charge me for it?”

We’ve got two answers to that .

First – yes, we are going ALL out – and then some! And second – well, just wait till you see the value you’ll get for your $$$!

Let’s start with this – you’re absolutely right. Good live-streaming is seriously pricey! And we’re going to give you a live-stream experience that stops just short of giving you a chance to shake Joel’s hand in person.

We’ve hired a professional production company: two videographers, one audio guy/gal, a lead technical coordinator, and a chat moderator…that is, a full technical team of seven people, plus equipment (cameras/lighting, computer streaming hardware, etc). ) We didn’t want to hold back on any features!

…And our pricing reflects our attention to quality.  Even though our pricing is well within the norm, well… it’s still caused a bit of sticker shock for those who hoped live-streaming might be a lower-cost option, and didn’t realize what a costly technical proposition this is for us.

So we’ve made some adjustments for you…and added some irresistible new benefits to sweeten the deal! We recognize that some of you have the means and motivation to pay for it as a career investment, while others are starting out on a much tighter budget.

So……you can choose now between two registration levels: Premium and Basic!


Our Premium Package:

The Premium package offers all of the  core live-streaming features:

  • Premium-quality professional live-stream recording…
  • Real-time Q&A with Joel as time permits…
  • Real-time chat with onsite & online participants via twitter…

But it doesn’t end there!

When your workshops are all over, you’ll be able to download the video files and save them for future viewings whenever and wherever you want. So if you had a technical connectivity problem, needed to step out, or missed some of the presentation for whatever reason, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to catch what you missed later on.

“But the cost?” you’re saying patiently, or maybe not so patiently…”What’s the bottom line?”.

Well, that depends on the number of days you choose to view…

Premium One full day: $220
Premium Two days: $440
Premium Three-day package: $600

You see, we’re pretty passionate about giving you every incentive to become a change agent for your community. So as a Premium participant, you and your organization can have up to three days of training from superstar farmer Joel Salatin for the price of one ticket – with the option to raise funds, over and over, by showing the videos later on!

That’s right – when you sign up for our Premium package, your community has the opportunity to make a repeatable profit!

When you put your Premium-level tuition of $220 per day in this perspective, it becomes a very small investment, easily regained, toward long-term local sustainable self-sufficiency, food security, and resiliency….as well as immediate income for your organization!

But you see, there’s a catch….to protect the quality of your interactive experience and to be able to reasonably moderate questions from the online community, we’re limiting the number of Premium participants….and these seats are going fast!

So if you are looking to participate fully in the workshop, asking questions of Joel, interacting with your classmates, and raising funds for your community, well, forever…NOW is the time to sign up!


But what if you’ve got big dreams and a small budget – and you want the benefit of Joel’s knowledge, but can’t afford $220/day?

We’re happy to say that we now have a solution for you!

Our Basic Package:

By chopping out the high-ticket interactive Q&A and Chat features and the downloadable videos, we were able to create a Basic option for just $110/day, reducing your investment by 50%!

You can view the workshop and interact with the class via our special Twitter hashtag. You’ll still hear all of the questions as Joel answers them (and if our experience is any guide, each person asking a question speaks for a number of others!) and see all the slides and all of the resources that he recommends.

And of course, if you want to throw a real-time party and gather your community or organization to watch the live stream with you – perhaps all sharing the cost of the ticket – be our guest! In fact, as the Basic option gives you a one-time-only viewing, we suggest that you do gather a group, so you can compare notes and ensure that nobody misses a beat.

For such a price, how could you go wrong?



We get it. Times are tough. And taking the first step into a whole new way of life – exciting as it is – is scary, especially when it feels like it involves a big chunk’o’change!

And this is why we have set up our Premium and Basic group watching options, in which  members of your organization or community can chip in to cover the cost, or open the doors for advance registrations. You can watch and dream and plan together…

  • whether you want to give your organization or community a permanent source of fundraising income with the DVD recordings in the Premium option…
  • or whether you want to gather for the one-shot live-streamed option

Either way you’re creating immediate change as you educate and build your community!

So when you look at it that way, the question isn’t “How can I afford to do this?”

The real question – for you and your community – is “How can we afford not to do this?”



Now How About a Free Gift to Get Your Gears Turning?


As soon as you complete your registration, we have a special, “instant gratification” gift to bring you to the weekend full of ideas and questions for your small farm enterprise!

We’ve all faced the quandary: signing up for a workshop that promises to light a match under our stoked-up hopes and dreams…eagerly anticipating the event…and then when we get there, being so swept up in the presentation that we struggle to ask the questions that would help us implement our own plans and strategies.

So we’re going to give you a little warm-up gift when you register for any one or more days.

Just this month, Rob and Joel met by phone for an exclusive pre-workshop interview…which yielded half an hour’s worth of juicy, incomparably Joel-esque tips on can’t miss topics like…

  • starting an agricultural business when you can’t afford land
  • designing a porta-farm that you can put down or pick up in a couple of days (or less)…
  • choosing the centerpiece of a diversified “one-stop-shop” enterprise…
  • transitioning a conventional farm to beyond-organic methods.

Whether you’re an urban desk jockey itching to break away, or a long-time rancher looking for a healthier way to live on the land, or somewhere in between, there’s something in this exclusive 30-minute interview sure to perk your ears and get new ideas spinning….

…and it’s our gift to you as an immediate download when you register!

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8 years ago

Did the Salatin presentation ever get put on DVD or is it available for digital download? Looked like a great course and it would be wonderful to be able to access it.

Alanna Youngblood
Alanna Youngblood
8 years ago
Reply to  Cal

We have had a few requests from folks that missed the course to run it again. We are working on an exciting project to sell the videos, audio Q&A as well as some extras! The answer is they will be available for purchase in a month or so. If you would like us to email you when they come available please contact and we will be sure to add you to the list! Thanks for inquiring 🙂
9 years ago

How does one access their downloads of the content?

I purchased premium for day 1 and I don’t see a way to access it.


Alex Judd
Alex Judd(@ajudd)
9 years ago

Ryan, access to a digital version of the day(s) you attended will be provided to you as soon as the editing is complete. You will receive an email notification when it becomes available. Please keep in mind, we have over 24 hours of footage to review and edit so it will take us some time to process. Thanks for your patience while we work hard to make that content available!

9 years ago

A dvd would be awesome, as I just found out about this today. Thanks!

Alex Judd
Alex Judd(@ajudd)
9 years ago
Reply to  Mat

Thanks for your interest in a recorded version of these workshops. We are in the process of reviewing the 24+ hours of footage and deciding what to do with it. If we decide to make this content available publicly, we will be sure to provide information about it here on our website!

Aleece (TCLynx) Landis
Aleece (TCLynx) Landis
9 years ago

I’m interested in the event, however, I’m reading a bunch of sales pitch but I seem to be missing the Major Detail about WHEN!!!!!! Does this page have the details about the dates/times of these live stream events?

I’m not about to pay $600 for an event that I have no way of knowing if I’ll be able to attend it. How long is each “day”? When does it start? Are there breaks? and WHEN will it be.

Alex Judd
Alex Judd(@ajudd)
9 years ago

Aleece, all the information about the dates, schedule, etc. is contained on the course registration page which was accessible by clicking on any of the “sign me up” buttons in this blog, by clicking on any of the hyperlinked text in this blog, or by clicking on the Courses & Events tab at the top of our website pages. In the future you can find the details for all of our courses on that tab.

9 years ago

Hi Rob…today was AWESOME! SO glad to be a part of it. I absolutley love Joel Salatin and everything he brings to the table. I am part of a group who was lucky enough to be able to view this through a community initiative program (Beyond the Market)in BC. I have my fingers crossed for a DVD release…even if its only avalable for those of us lucky enough to have sat in on it (but I think everyone with an interest should have the privelage to learn from Joel). He is just so incredibly inspirational. Thank you so much for this opportunity!


Michelle (Verge)
Michelle (Verge)(@mavis)
9 years ago
Reply to  Jaclyn

Yay! So glad that you were able to join us online.

Delila Jahn-Thue
Delila Jahn-Thue
9 years ago

I would like to just buy the DVD. I’ve registered for other on-line live stream events and for whatever reason, technical difficulties screwed it up. Is there a way I just just buy the entire DVD recording of the events? I am really interested, am currently farming and really don’t want to miss this event. Can you help me? I’m a bit confused by the options you’ve outlined and want to be clear about what I’m purchasing.
Delila Jahn-Thue

Michael Poole
Michael Poole
9 years ago

The course looks great … we will probably do it !
I will send this out to our members.

Michael Poole
Michael Poole
9 years ago

We have 17 acres in Tofino BC. I am planning to share the title with thousands of people, to change the way we thnk about Land Care. There are (only) about one acre of gardens on the north side of he 1/2 mile of driveways. There are some 10 hour sun positions, yet 1/2 the gardens are quite shaded, good for spinach, perhaps.

If you meet anyone thinking of moving to a 9b climatic zone please pass on my email or phone number. (250-726-8330)


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