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Next month we are stoked to be hosting urban water harvesting guru BRAD LANCASTER, author of the award-winning series Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond for a few different events.

Brad is internationally renowned for his emphasis on building community, working together to harvest and enhance the many hidden local sources of fresh, pure water — reducing or eliminating the need to drain meltwater from receding glaciers, tap overworked rivers, or import costly water from elsewhere.

Learn the difference between thirst and thrive for your family…your community…and your city!

There are three particular events to catch Brad at (click for the details):

  1. Turn Drains into Sponges and Water Scarcity into Water Abundance – Public Talk
  2. Plant the Rain for Sustainable Abundance – 4 Day Course
  3. Waterlution Hub Network Event – Public Event

Here are the details for each event: 

Turn Drains Into Sponges and Water Scarcity in Water Abundance

During this one hour presentation you will have the opportunity to learn the eight universal principles of water harvesting along with simple strategies that turn water scarcity into water abundance. Get inspired and empowered to create integrated water-sustainable landscape plans for your home and throughout your community.

WHEN: Satruday September 8th, 7 pm at the John Dutton Theater, Calgary, AB.

COST: $10/$20 for Green Calgary Members/General Admission with 100% of proceeds going to Green Calgary.

Register here.

Co-hosted by Green Calgary and Verge Permaculture


Plant the Rain for Sustainable Abundance – Four Day Course

If you think that urban water harvesting begins and ends with rain barrels…you’re thinking too small. Discover how you can use your lawn, your street, your shovel – and your shower! – to transform your community into a green oasis of empowered neighbors! Topics covered will include integrated design, earthworks, greywater, rain tanks, neighborhood scale water harvesting & much more. Course is designed for homeowners, real estate developers, landscape architects, policy-makers, community activists and educators.

WHEN: Monday Sept 10 – Thursday Sept 13th, an acreage 10 min south of Calgary, AB.

COST: $499.

For more details & to register, click here.

Hosted by Verge Permaculture.

Waterlution Hub Event

The Waterlution Hub Network is a cross-Canada support and programming platform for multi-stakeholder engagement in regional water issues. They have just announced that Brad will be a guest speaker at their next Hub Network Event on the topic of Watergy.

WHEN: Wednesday September 19th, 6:30 pm.

Hosted by Waterlution Calgary

p.s. This is Brad’s first visit to Canada. He lives downtown in the desert city of Tucson, Arizona, where rainfall is less than 305 mm annually, Brad harvests more than 379,000 liters of rainwater a year on a property of just 0.05 ha.! He and his brother Rodd use that water to nourish an urban oasis in the middle of one of the drie­­st cities in the U.S. – an oasis cooled by living air conditioners of food-bearing shade trees and filled with abundant gardens, in a thriving landscape that includes habitat for wildlife.


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